10 Things The Habit of Running Can Teach You About Success

Running benefits are much more than weight-loss.

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Running is one of the best weight loss exercises there is. And yet, its benefits do more than just keep your weight in check.

Whether you enjoy running on the treadmill, or out in the forest as you connect with nature, running can give you a ton of benefits.

It causes many ripples such as elevated self-esteem, high quality of health, a boost in self-confidence and a better self-image.

And there’s more.

On the subtle side of the running experience, lies valuable lessons that you can apply in your journey to success.

  1. Getting started wins you half the battle.

When you first take up running it will not be easy.

There will be many times when you’ll wear your training gear and all you’ll want to do is sleep a little longer. You’ll procrastinate enough times.

But once you step out and get started, then motivation will start to trickle in.

When you are pursuing the success of your goals, getting started is always the hardest part. Just like running.

But for anything to happen, you’ve got to start somewhere. Otherwise, nothing will ever change.

Don’t allow valuable time to pass as you wait for the right moment, people, and resources.

Get started and figure out the rest as you go along.

2. You are stronger than your feelings.

When you take up running, there will be days you’ll be dripping with enthusiasm.

On those days, you’ll feel like wonder woman. You’ll pull off a ten kilometer run easy.

Sadly this won’t always be the case. Sad, I know.

Somedays your motivation will plummet. You’ll bury yourself in excuses and justifications as to why you can’t show up for your morning jog.

On such days, you need to remember that you are not your feelings.

You have the power to override them. You can still go out and run even when everything in you is screaming stop.

As you go after your goals, you won’t always feel enthusiastic.

As you push through the obstacles and challenges, you will find yourself doubting your strength and skills.

Fortunately, there’s a way to flip that thing on its head.

It starts by realizing that your will is stronger than your feelings. This is the way you flicking the switch.

The minute you realize that you’ll not feel trapped. You’ll know you got the power to keep working toward your goals. Even when you feel like you can't.

3. Persistence is what gets you there.

Whether you want to lose weight or get a fitter body, persistence is what will get you there.

Yes, getting started is winning half the battle. But it’s persistence that crosses the finishing line.

That’s why you have to keep going. Because, the truth is, you won't get what you want by showing up for a month and then taking a break.

That simply won’t cut it.

To find the gold, you’ve got to keep digging.

Do you want that waistline to get thinner? It’s not enough to start running, you’ve got to keep doing it.

At least three times a week. This is the only way to melt off the kilos.

Guess what? The same is true in your journey to success.

Putting in the work will get you started, but persistence is what will bring home the bacon. So you must keep going, whether or not the conditions are favorable.

You’ve got to want it bad enough to wade your way through whatever is standing in the way.

4. The journey gets easier as you go along.

In the first ten minutes of your run, your body will always feel like a sack of maize. Heavy and sluggish.

But as you keep going, it gets easier.

Your body starts to loosen up. Your heart adjusts to the new rhythm as your muscles begin to relax.

The same is true in your journey to success.

When you first embark on a new thing; career move, marriage, and parenting, it will always seem difficult.

It will stretch you and make you want to give up. But you have to keep going, keep pushing and plowing forward.

Because, slowly, you’ll settle into the pattern. You’ll adjust and maneuver your way around.

It will start to feel doable. If you can push through the initial hump, it gets easier going forward.

5. Always stick to your own pace.

Some people just happen to have longer strides or bigger lungs than you. Which obviously means they will always run faster than you.

If you fall into the trap of competing with them, you’ll be shooting yourself on the foot. You’ll soon be exhausted and out of breath.

Choose to be authentic and run at your own pace instead. This way you’ll be able to cover longer distances and enjoy the exercise.

The same is true in life.

When you run the race of life at your own pace, you end up happier and more fulfilled.

The temptation to compare yourself to the success rate of others only digs your grave and hampers your progress.

Channel your energy, time and attention on your own milestones. You’ll definitely accomplish much with your life.

6. You move forward through small incremental steps.

When you first start running, a kilometer will feel as if you are navigating the entire planet. I am not joking.

It will be long, hard and painful.

But as you keep making small incremental steps, covering more distance and building endurance, you’ll soon clock in a five-kilometer run.

You’ll find that you’ve crossed the once-insurmountable one-kilometer mark.

The things you want to accomplish in your life will be attained overnight. Your success will be a process that will unfold in small stages, over time.

It is wise to break down your vision into small goals. It will make your journey easier. Because it’s the small things, done often that will take you from point A to B.

7. To succeed, you need the right gear.

For you to run effectively and steer clear of injuries, you definitely need to put on the right training gear.

You need a proper pair of well-fitting sports shoes with a soft cushion complemented by an outfit that flatters your body.

In order to succeed in your goals, you’ll need to find out the right tools (people and habits) to facilitate your success.

Seek out people, resources and any information that can teach you what you need to know to move yourself up.

Take it a notch higher and incorporate the right habits. Then watch your life transform.

8. Eventually, you’ll get into the flow if you keep going.

When running becomes engrained in the fabric of your life, you’ll no longer need to kick start your mental engine every time.

Sounds good right?

You’ll just get up and run, irrespective of what your body feels.

When you develop the tenacity for your success, you’ll find less need to motivate yourself.

On most days, you’ll just get up and do what needs to be done. Even when you don’t feel it.

9. Little actions bring huge changes.

Do not underestimate the impact of a thirty minutes jog. Thirty minutes can transform the next seven hours of your day.

It can leave you bursting with energy, improve your mood significantly, give your mind razor-sharp focus.

And the best part? Is that it can tame your cravings. Totally.

The same impact applies to your goals in life. Little actions compounded over time are what cause the biggest changes.

Take writing for example. When you write a page a day, you’ll end up with a completed manuscript.

The same is true about your education. When you take your lessons daily, one day, you’ll feel the gratification of holding that certificate in your hands.

Pretty cool right?

This is true because small hinges open big doors.

10. You need a break every now and then.

Your body is not a machine.

And while you can stimulate your muscles to keep going, some days your body will cry out for an off day.

It will need to rejuvenate. It will simply not be up to the job. On such days, you’ll need to let it be.

When you’ve been accelerating hard to succeed, you too need to know when it’s time to put on the brakes.

It will keep your mind from burning out as well as adjust your mental focus.

When you hone your clarity, you prepare yourself for a comeback. Because rest is what sharpens your rough edges and gets you ready for the game.

As Haruki Murakami expounds, running is more than just a form of exercise.

Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest.

Haruki Murakami

When you assimilate the lessons you learn about running into your life, you’ll be able to push yourself past your limits and it will bring you closer to your goals.

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