Life truths worth hearing over and over again.

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Admit it. Life can be a bit overwhelming at times. Trying to strike a balance between family, work and friends can feel like a bad game of chess. As you devote yourself to a certain aspect of your life, another one suffers. Sounds familiar? It’s hard to keep up. When you’re bound to the grind of mere survival, it can leave you emotionally depleted.

Honestly, I’ve felt a mix of these emotions more often than I’d like. But in the weirdest of ways, during the COVID lock down, a stream of clarity has penetrated my mind and life isn’t as draining as it once was. And no, I didn’t change my life in any way. …

How you’ll know that you’ve fallen out of love.

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It was a match made in heaven. You felt it in your bone. It wasn’t long before the spark of attraction turned into a blazing heat of sizzling romance. And just like that, your lover swept you off your feet and you entered the bond of marriage. It was a done deal. You would bask in the warmth of your love and create a wonderful life together. But now, many years later, the warmth has dissipated. The sizzling romance has been replaced by anger, resentment and contempt. What’s changed, you wonder.

First things first. Every relationship requires work. But if yours is more work than fun, trouble is slowly brewing in the background. And although no one enters a relationship hoping it dies, it’s crucial to know if your relationship is dying. This way, you’re not caught flat-footed, are mentally prepared, and can forestall its death. If you notice one of these signs, your relationship is on the verge of death. …

Your self-image dictates how others treat you.

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This powerful picture of an adorable kitten who sees himself as a lion has dominated the web space for a long time. As little and harmless as he is, his self-image is that of power, bravery, and dominion. The popularity behind the image lies in its underlying message: How you see yourself matters most. And, I’ll add, determines how others see you.

Surely the kitten must be way smarter than us because we struggle to see the greatness within us, as brilliant, talented, and unique as we are. You shrink and sell yourself short. You allow your capabilities, talents, and accomplishments to desiccate. What you don’t realize is that the world is always watching. …

The secrets of blissful relationships.

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Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

The joy was palpable. Dimly lit candles stood at every corner of the room as soft music hummed in the background — the perfect ambiance for a bridal shower. Vicky’s girlfriends, adorned with flowing dresses and new hair-dos, were dying to sprinkle little nuggets of wisdom to equip her for the big M word.

But being highly intelligent, Vicky knew better; she’d be overwhelmed by their advice. So instead, she sought to know the secrets behind their blissful marriages. She asked them to describe the actions, behaviors, and attitudes they treasure most about their partners.

Why? Because Vicky knew what makes a woman appreciate her man is often a reflection of his feelings. The seven women revealed the secrets behind their blissful marriages. You can use them to create a sizzling connection with your woman. …

What’s it’s like to be Black in the land down under.

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When I arrived at Melbourne airport two years ago to start a new chapter of my life with my white husband, I didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t my first time setting foot in the land down under; I’d been here on work trips. But those had been 24-hour layovers.

This was different. I’d have to build a new life from scratch. I’d need to fit into or create a social tribe. I’d have to assimilate into a culture completely different from mine and that of U.A.E, where I’d lived for so long.

A Poppy Seed in a Bowl of Rice.

Before moving here, I’d heard of Aboriginal history, so I was a bit uncertain how people would accept me as a Black person. And as fate would have it, I ended up in a predominantly White neighborhood. Other than me, there’s only one other Black man whom I spot occasionally. …

What I learned talking to a creative woman over green tea.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

“Those were fun times! My toy business was thriving beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. It was a practically household name! Every kid in town owned at least one of my toys. Oh.. do you remember how crazy weekends at the store were? A beehive of activities, an absolute mess… the good kind.” Betty said.

“I can still hear the giggles and scampering feet of little kids, milling around the playground like a swarm of bees. Their exasperated parents struggling to keep up. Oh, the magical years! Those memories are still braided into my imagination. …

What to do and avoid, to be happier.

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Ever heard of the “laughing philosopher”? Democritus was born in an ancient Greek town called Abdera and nicknamed “the laughing philosopher” due to his cheerful personality. A curious man, he sought to understand people and the world.

His curiosity led him to invent numerous theories, the biggest one being the theory of happiness. Here, he sought to understand what makes one happy, leading him to declare that happiness should be the highest, noblest goal of every man’s life. Democritus never married, but he enjoyed being alone with his thoughts. He hated overeating, alcoholism, and promiscuity. …

It comes down to the things you do and don't do.

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I’m not exactly sure what point I was driving across. I vividly recall that I never even got to. He cut me off right in the middle of my sentence — not once but severally. I wasn’t even familiar with the guy. I’d just met him that very day through my other friends. As to what his problem was? Your guess is as good as mine.

All I know is that it stung a little bit. But it wasn’t all bad. That unpleasant experience taught one of the most crucial truths about respect. In life, you don’t have to sit back and wait for others to show you respect. …

Reminders worth hearing over and over.

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If there’s a way that this year has changed us, it’s that it has made us uncertain. Unsure of what lies in the future, what we’re capable of, and our ability to move our lives forward.

As has been the case this year, with your plans thwarted, it’s easy to lose faith in yourself and your wisdom to make sound decisions. It’s easy to think you can’t get your life back on track.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. You’re smart and capable of overcoming whatever life throws at you. …

Do this to bring your A-game.

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Your mornings are hectic, like fighting your way through a thick dense forest. You struggle to find focus, motivation, and the energy required to get on top of your ever-expanding to-do- list. No matter how much caffeine you drown into your system, you’re still unable to be as productive as you’d like to be.

Sounds familiar?

You’re not alone. Everybody struggles to perform efficiently and crush their day with ease. The only difference is that highly productive people have discovered simple strategies to maintain focus and empower their brains.

If you’re ready to breeze through your to-do-list with efficiency and crush your day like a champ, the following strategies will help you do just that. …


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