Hint: It’s not what you say.

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You don’t need a lover to make your life an amazing adventure.

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“Single” is an opportunity to live life on your own terms and not apologize.” ― Mandy Hale.

Meandering in the Dating Scene.

The subtle ways you’re disrespecting yourself without realizing it

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You Don’t Have Boundaries or Don’t Enforce Them.

You attract what you are.

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Tips to help you feel less anxious on your next flight.

Picture of the Author

Here’s how you’ll know you’ve changed.

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Knowing the truth reveals power, freedom, and autonomy.

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Two options for dealing with an unfulfilling relationship.

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How to know what topic turns her on.

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Discomfort and growth have always been locked in a dance.

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Leah Njoki

Dreamer&Fitness Enthusiast | Helping you find love and create a healthy awesome relationship | Blog: ownyourspark.com

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