How Starting A Blog Changed My Life For The Better

Now, I can teach myself any skill.

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One year ago, I quit my flying job of 9 years. As if that was not enough, I packed up and moved to Australia.

Granted, it was exciting and new but it was also a major shift from the life I was accustomed to in the Middle East. The winter hit me hard. I had no friends. My partner was the only person I knew. I had no job which meant I had no structure. And for weeks I felt lost, free-falling into whatever the day presented.

In the middle of all that, something happened; I developed an incessant feeling that kept nudging me to get productive with my life.

So I made a decision.

It was time to start my blog.

I was finally ready to follow through with an idea I had flirted with for years. I figured I had so much to say and it seemed right to mesh that with my passion for writing.

But here’s the thing; I had zero clues on where to start.

It turned out that having fragments of stories and ideas was not enough for my blog to take off.

There was a whole chunk of background work that was needed to birth the blog. And even more to keep it running.

Learning a new skill

So I got to work.

I sought after information on blogging; everything from layout, fonts, themes to colors and blog names.

By teaching myself the basics of setting up my website — which at the time was a foreign concept — a whole new world opened up.

For starters, I surprised myself at how capable I was, of teaching myself something new and more so one that I didn’t have a knack for.

Shortly after launching the website, I started creating posts, editing, formatting, adding pictures to them. I even clicked the publish button. I was impressed, to say the least.

In as much as it now seemed easy, this was something I could not have imagined doing months earlier.

At the time, the skill of mapping out the physical layout of the blog did not seem significant to say the least. All it was, was a prerequisite to the main show; sharing my stories with the world.

Somewhere down the line though, I got it.

I had taught myself a new skill, and because of that, I now could teach myself anything.

That was everything.

As Steve Jobs said; you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.

The zeal necessary to teach yourself a new skill/habit/course is often fueled by your last successful engagement.

Every idea has a life of its own

The final nudge to start my blog was not triggered by any major event. I didn’t have an epiphany. Nor was there any dreaming or anything of the sort.

All I did was to (finally) make the decision to back up an idea I had shelved away for a long while.

In hindsight, the decision to launch my blog was more than just a simple decision. It was a seed, capable of maturing and producing fruit. I just didn’t know it at the time.

After months of writing, it eventually took a life of its own and began to bear fruit. It elicited a ripple effect and brought with it many outcomes.

I wrote better.

I read more.

I sharpened my mind.

I honed my creativity.

I cultivated self-discipline.

The bigger picture

My blog is nothing but a metaphor.

There’s nothing special about it. Believe me. It’s just as good as any blog on the web.

But, it can be translated into many things. Like going back to school, working on your marriage, cleaning up your life, re-inventing yourself, getting fit and doing right by your children.

When I think about when I made the decision to start the blog, and how it came to life, I can unravel a deeper and greater meaning to it.

For me, it took a season of loneliness and idleness to finally launch the blog I had procrastinated on for years.

Every season in your life is unique. It presents possibilities which if embraced, can make a huge change.

However, these possibilities are often hidden away, lurking in the shadows. You must look closely and deeply to be able to identify them.

There’s no telling how far these possibilities in your life can take you. But what’s certain is that embracing them propels the wheel of your life.

Your life is not changed in one sweeping motion. It is changed by making tiny decisions and converting them into micro-habits.

It is these small habits that compound to make the necessary changes that ultimately transform your life.

The most important thing is to make a decision. This is where the light trickles in.

Then back it up with action.

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