How To Effectively Connect With Your Inner Child

So that you can embrace the grown-up you.

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Adopted attitudes have a way of braiding themselves into your personality. And subsequently influencing who and what you become.

They become the shadows that trails your every step.

Your child waits

You wouldn’t fill a hole unless you admitted its existence. That simple statement sure sounds light and in fact, a pretty obvious thing to say. But if you were to play it over and over in your mind — enough to be able to feel every word — you would then be able to glean the magnitude of its weight.

Fill your bubble

Ever seen a child playing alone? Don’t you simply admire their independence? How is it that these little human beings are so confident in themselves? I mean, they happily spend hours on end playing by themselves in the sand, mud or their toys.

For starters, you need to stop expecting others to fulfill your needs.

No seriously. You should stop.

What you don’t feed doesn’t grow

Unless you are heartless and selfish — in which case you have no business being a parent — surely you would not starve your child. And yet it happens.

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